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What is DIT?

The DIT music community is THE hub for the independent music community to connect, learn, work with, and help each other!  

No one succeeds alone. 

If you are serious about fostering a career in any music-related field
 — this is YOUR online community.

The DIT music community is built to empower development for creative entrepreneurs, music creators and performers, artist managers, industry professionals, through connections, networking, education, mentorships, resources, monthly perks and more.

Things are tough enough in the music industry to be DIY and doing everything yourself, be a part of the community and let's build careers together.


Receive video, audio, and written education content from respected and proven leaders in the music industry that will help advance your career and business.

Exclusive, top-tier video and audio content — as well as livestreams, webinars, and podcasts — the DIT music community offers an immense wealth of knowledge tailormade for serious musical artists and music industry professionals.


This online community is not a one-way street.  It is designed to help artists and industry professionals connect; not just to collaborate or do business, but also answer questions and solve problems in a cooperative and welcoming environment.


  • Access to a global music community network
  • Meet music industry professionals
  • Mentorship advice on various topics 
  • Weekly webinars
  • Attend Workshops and Master Classes
  • Access to resources, quick tips, and valuable information created for the music community
  • Real connections that want you to succeed
  • Discounts to select music conferences 
  • Mental Health and Wellness groups and discussions
  • Exclusive opportunities for premium members 
  • Access to select video content 


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